Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Signs that you’ll Be Needing Indianapolis Window Replacement Soon

Windows may seem to be pretty sturdy things, but years of continuous use can easily wear them out in many ways. You may recognize that opening and closing your windows may feel too difficult at times, and they may even occasionally give out when sufficient force is applied to open or shut them down. Such issues aren’t worthy of mere repairs, but full-on replacement. Here’s how you can tell if you’ll be needing new windows from Indianapolis providers like Suburban Glass sooner or later.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Know if you Need Window Repair in Indianapolis with an Energy Audit

Have you been noticing moderate to significant temperature changes in your home lately, not to mention skyrocketing energy bills, on specific seasons? Do summers feel too warm for comfort, while winters seem too cold? Then you may be dealing with poor weatherproofing across your entire home—and you need to act now. You might not know it, but your doors and windows may need urgent attention from local Indianapolis window repair pros. When window seals fail, leaks and drafts come next. Heat escapes during the winter and trickles inside (then settles in) during summer. Such issues are somewhat tough to detect as they’re invisible to the naked eye, but with a full-scale energy audit, you can identify them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fortifying Patio Doors in Indianapolis Structurally and Tactically

Glass companies like Suburban Glass can replace your door with a sturdier one. Remember, however, that stronger glass alone won’t deter intruders. Doors in Indianapolis must also be strong, both structurally (think robust frame and glass) and tactically (with multiple locks and alarm systems). Intruders also take advantage of broken hinges and other faults. Make sure your door is working as intended; otherwise, be sure to schedule an appointment with Suburban Glass Service, an Indianapolis door repair expert. Ensuring your household’s safety involves more than the usual precautionary measures such as investing in locks and making sure you leave no doors open at night or whenever you’re away. You also have to make sure your front door is free from any security risks by carrying out the necessary glass replacements.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mirrors Made of the Best Indianapolis Glass Help You Look Your Best

Look your best in everything you do. Do so in front of a good mirror made of the best glass in Indianapolis. Whether you’re heading out for a job interview or attending a party, you’ll want to look as good as possible. Although your character and credentials are important, how you present yourself on the outside also matters. After all, your approach to personal grooming can also speak volumes about your character. Some studies back up the need to look good. A 2011 study spearheaded by Daniel Hammerhash, economics professor at the University of Texas, showed that attractive people could earn as much as four percent more than those with average looks. This points to an estimated $230,000 "good looks" bonus over one’s lifetime, depending on the job.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winterize Your Windows in Indianapolis for More Comfortable Household

If your windows are only in need of repairs, you can enlist the help of window repair and replacement companies, such as Suburban Glass, who are the experts when it comes to repairing windows in Indianapolis. In emergencies, like when your window gets compromised due to heavy snow buildup or an errant tree branch or icicle, these professionals can also be counted on for urgent repairs and restorations. They offer round-the-clock services to ensure that your window problems can be attended to promptly.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Indianapolis Window Repair Experts Needed in Weatherproofing Homes

To avoid chilly and drafty winter nights, make sure to have your windows inspected and all damages repaired. Local Indianapolis window repair pros can offer advice on sealing drafty doors and windows, especially on how to properly use materials such as vinyl or rubber weather-stripping. In addition to this, professionals can also help with leaky windows, through which water and cold drafts can enter. These leaks can be dealt with using simple fixes such as applying sealant foam, or any other method that could effectively patch up the leaks.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Shower Doors in Indianapolis Make Good Buys, if You Pick the Right One

Most glass shower doors in Indianapolis and elsewhere are either ‘clear’ or ‘obscure’. Clear glass, as the name implies, is transparent (completely or otherwise) which helps create a simple, minimalistic look at the expense of privacy. On the other hand, obscure glass offers more privacy and comes in various designs and styles, which is a big plus in decorating a contemporary, spa-like bathroom. Considering that both glass types have their merits, the choice ultimately boils down to homeowners’ individual preferences. They shouldn’t be pressured to make a decision, though, because their choice of bathroom door is sure to add value to their home. Even if they don’t intend to sell their property next year, homeowners will appreciate having a beautiful and relaxing bathroom that will help them look and feel their best.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Indianapolis Mirrors: Where Glass Fails, Reflective Metals Succeed

The process of making mirrors for Indianapolis homes and offices can be summarized in two steps: cut and coat. After a slab of glass is cut, the metal backing is applied onto what would be the rear. The backing isn’t applied as a solid sheet but is sprayed evenly as a liquid solution. The mirror slabs are then cured in an oven at 265 OF to 285OF for at least 6 minutes. At this point, the finished product can be shipped straight to your home or office. If you want a more stylish vanity mirror, however, you can get one from a noted glass company in Indianapolis like Suburban Glass, which does further processing and finishing of mirrors to make them more ornate and decorative. If you want a customized design, you may also bring your own slab to them for processing.